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31 October 2018

Walmart, Austin Avenue United Methodist Church, Greater Waco Early Education Center invite community to give at lifesaving blood drives

WACO, Texas (October 23, 2018) – The marvels of modern medicine include the ability to transfuse living tissue – blood – from one person to another. Volunteer blood donors, like those in Waco make it possible to treat acute disease, chronic conditions, even cancers. That is a reason to give countless thanks. Carter BloodCare delivers transfusion services for north, central and east Texas hospitals, for patients that number in the hundreds, daily. Treatments, such as chemotherapy, are heavily supported with blood or platelets “at the ready.”  Additionally, the life-saving capabilities are not possible without 1,000 volunteers giving blood every day

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09 August 2018

Treating Sickle Cell Disease: Blood Transfusions Matter

  • Serious complications from sickle cell disease are often treated by performing a 'red cell exchange transfusion'
  • Healthy red blood cells replace almost all of the patient's sickled cells 
  • The healthy cells have a 120-day life span; sickle cells live only 30 to 60 days

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Blood Drives

Gateway Church Partners With Carter BloodCare for Summer Blood Drive

On Sunday, April 8, Robert Morris’s life was saved after he received several blood transfusions. The founding senior pastor of Gateway Church was at home recovering from a double hernia surgery when he began to feel lightheaded and passed out. His wife, Debbie, called paramedics who then rushed Morris to the hospital via medical helicopter.

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Dallas Greek organizations join Carter BloodCare to save local patients' lives: AT&T Stadium marks perfect place for blood donation event to raise Sickle Cell awareness.

Published on 22 March 2018

AT&T Stadium marked the perfect place for a blood donation event to raise awareness of the need for blood donation to help those afflicted with Sickle Cell disease. Carter BloodCare provides transfusions children and young adults in North, Central and East Texas children in need of blood to help combat the effects of Sickle Cell disease.

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