19 March 2018

Where does my blood go?

Ever wondered where your blood goes once it is donated? Getting the right blood to the right patient at the right time is a complicated business.

22 March 2018

Dallas Greek organizations join Carter BloodCare to save local patients' lives: AT&T Stadium marks perfect place for blood donation event to raise Sickle Cell awareness.

AT&T Stadium marked the perfect place for a blood donation event to raise awareness of the need for blood donation to help those afflicted with Sickle Cell disease. Carter BloodCare provides transfusions children and young adults in North, Central and East Texas children in need of blood to help combat the effects of Sickle Cell disease.

19 September 2014

Carter BloodCare and WorkSmart

Carter BloodCare worked with WorkSmartTM and TMAC to implement Lean Six Sigma. Through their partnership, Carter BloodCare was able to decrease bottlenecks, adjust batch sizes, and become more efficient through process improvements.